How to Chlorinate a Well

You will need 2 gallons of Clorox bleach and a hose that reaches from an outside spigot to the well before you begin.

Bypass the water softener and remove any cartridge filters prior to chlorinating

  1. Remove the well cap or the vent pipe or plug if the well is equipped with a sanitary seal.
  2. Pour one gallon of bleach directly into the well.
  3. Connect a hose to a house spigot and run water directly into the well until chlorine odor is present. Continue running water from the hose into the well while rinsing down the casing for an additional 5-10 minutes.
  4. Shut off water supply to the hose and proceed to systematically open each water fixture inside the home until chlorine odor is present.  Include both hot and cold water taps.  Also include the dishwasher, washing machine, showers, laundry tubs etc.  It is very important to get chlorinated water to all parts of the distribution system of the home.
  5. Close all valves and pour another gallon directly into the well.  Recap the well or replace the vent pipe or plug.  Leave all valves closed to a period of 12 hours or longer.  Toilets may be flushed if necessary.
  6. The next day or after your period of shutdown, open the hose spigot and discharge water to the ground or drainage ditch until chlorine odor lessens.  Open every household fixture together or one at a time and let the water run for 15 min to 2hour. Let well recover, repeat throughout the day. The well should now be properly disinfected, however depending on the severity of the contamination this procedure may need to be repeated. Have your sample analyzed again, until you maintain two negatives. 

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Chlorinating Well Water

You will need 2 gallons of Clorox bleach.

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