We are very experienced and familiar with inspecting income properties in and around the Cleveland Ohio area which includes Shaker Hts, Cleveland Hts, Ohio City, Tremont, Old Brooklyn, and Lakewood.  In these areas, many of the single and multi family homes were built between 1890 and WWII.  These homes typically have clay tile block foundations, no sub flooring, 40-50yr old furnaces or boilers.  Many of these homes may have no insulation, peeling lead based paint, dilapidated garages, 2-3 layers of roofing, asphalt shingles over slate roofing, knob and tube wiring, Federal Pacific electrical panels, asbestos siding, wood destroying insect past or current presence, damp basements, foundation damage, structural damage, mold growth, galvanized steel supply piping, lead or galvanized steel main supply line, main sanitary lines that may be damaged and on and on. 

Inner ring suburbs such as South Euclid, Lyndhurst, Mayfield, Euclid, Garfield Hts, Maple Hts, Warrensville Hts, University Hts, Richmond Hts, and Bedford Hts were mostly built out during WWII up to the 1960's.  These homes mostly have concrete block foundation walls (which are susceptible to adhession cracking foundation damage), plank sub flooring, 1-3" attic insulation, knob and tube wiring although more of these homes have just un-grounded non-knob and tube wiring, Federal Pacic panels, copper supply piping, potentially breached main sanitary lines, damaged brick siding, un-grounded appliance outlets, damp basements, mold growth, etc.

We can identify these issues and more for you and act as your un-biased confidant - since we really don't care if you buy the property or not. 

We work with many out of state and out of country investors and have developed a streamlined process from the point of contacting and working with your agent here in Cleveland to get access to the property to performing the inspection within 24-48 hours to sending our investors a detailed and easily understood inspection report.  Call or email us to inquire on our special pricing for investors.

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