Wood Destroying Insect Inspections are offered as a Stand-Alone inspection, or may easily be bundled into a general home inspection for a discounted rate. Often times, home loans that are being serviced by the Veteran's Administration (VA) require a wood destroying insect inspection to be performed, at the seller's expense, to better protect the buyer. 

Wood Destroying Insect inspections consist of inspecting a property to determine the past evidence - or - present activity of: Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, and Powder Post Beetles. These insects either consume or bore through wood for various reasons and functions of their life cycles. Termites are relatively harmless to humans or animals and can be considered nature's garbage-men. For without them, where would all of the fallen trees in the forest eventually go? The obvious issue is when these insects decide to start consuming or boring through the wooden members of our homes, garages and other buildings.

Here is an active termite infestation that we discovered during a general home inspection in a finished Cleveland Ohio basement:


Here are some other pictures of termite evidence that one may typically find in a garage. Note the last picture - which was of an undisturbed and expanding termite colony. These were interesting!!


Before you hire any Home Inspector in North East Ohio, you should make sure they are experienced in checking for termites otherwise you may be left with a costly surprise some day!

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